Hi! Welcome to Hook & Matter!

We are a NY-based team of sisters specializing in handmade jewelry and accessories. We design, prototype, and produce everything in our line right here in NYC.

Aimee is our founder and designer/maker. With a background in textile crafts and fine arts, she is a trained metalsmith. In addition to hand-crafting our most popular brass, sterling, and gold earrings, she loves to experiment with mixed-material pieces, finding pairings for porcelain, silk, mohair, and other natural fibers alongside precious metals.

Sara is Hook and Matter’s magical organizer and manager. Her background in elementary education give her impeccable organization skills and an uncanny ability to make the most of a tiny studio packed to the gills. From spreadsheets to inventory to packaging, she keeps us on track no matter what the season.

Retailers and press—ask us about a studio visit! (Free donuts always included).

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Aimee and Sara,
Hook & Matter

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