Care Instructions

Brass and Sterling Silver:

  • To slow patina store in an air tight plastic bag.
  • To clean, use a polishing cloth, or metal cleaner such as JAX . Even toothpaste works well as a cleaner!


A few general tips I use when wearing and cleaning my porcelain jewelry.  I fire all the way up to “Cone 10″ or 2350 degrees for added strength.  Nevertheless, it is porcelain and can break- so:

  1. I suggest putting on your necklace sitting on your bed or standing over carpet.
  2. When you take the necklace off, hang it on a jewelry rack, don’t lay it down on a surface or put it in a bag.  It could get crushed in a bag or sitting on a table… and it’s a pain untangling those chains too ;)
  3. The best way to wash porcelain is with soap, water and a soft toothbrush.  I suggest laying a washcloth or towel down while washing in case you drop the piece.


It’s easy to wash the acrylic with soap and water.  It’s ok to get the chain wet as well.  In general, the plating on the chain will last longer if you don’t shower or wear at the beach, but that’s up to you!


Our pillowcases are 100% cotton and can be washed normally with like colors.  I suggest washing the cases inside out and hang drying, but drying in the dryer is ok too.  I’ve tried both, but as usual with any fabric, dryers wear fabric out faster and fade them faster as well.